I walked in on day 1 not knowing what to expect. A man told me "It's not religion, but relationship." That has stuck with me ever since I began chapel and started making this a much larger part of my life. Day to day I wake up and read a few pages out of my bible and think about everyday life. How much it relates and how much it has helped me is amazing. I went from having hard feelings with coaches, family members, friends and teammates to now excepting what's happened, and looking at it from a whole new standpoint. I no longer feel as much anger or hatred towards those who have hurt me or made me feel pain. I'm calm, cool, and collective of every situation I face (or at least try to be). It improved my off ice life immensely but helped me on ice as well.

Going to chapel made me realize why I started playing the game I love when I was so young, it brought back the fun and enjoyment of getting to do what I love on a daily basis. Which improved my play, and made me feel blessed to do what I do. The most amazing thing that has come from it all is the relationships I've formed from it with my teammates, rekindling old wounds with family, and even gaining a life long friend who happened to be teaching me chapel, who taught me that the lord has a plan for me, he showed me I never have to face my problems alone, as he sat with me over a few gatherings of coffee and dinner and was never to busy for me to send a text and lean on him when needed.

Doing chapel has made me see the light again on and off the ice, I'm thankful for Kim and the work he's been able to do, bringing courage and strength back in to my life thru the Lord