This year has been the best year of my life, going to D4, meeting new people, making new friends, playing basketball and other games in the gym. 

D4 is all about bringing people together and learning about God, and sometimes we watch videos of rappers and other guys who get saved from their sin, and give their life to God.

We also help homeless people get off the street by praying for them. The best part about D4 is that we are all family, and anyone is welcome in our family. At D4 we have something called the joybox, we bring money to help Hugo, he lives in Belize, and we are making his dream come true of finishing high school.

We also have a small group at D4 and we call it D-Group, and in the group it's a time when you go and talk about what you have learned.  D4 is just all about helping each other.

Shout out to Corwin for leading it, he has taught us so much about God. Thank you very much and God bless you.